when can baby sit in stroller without car seat


When to put your baby in stroller without car seat?

Honestly speaking, a stroller is a big coupon thing. You can use stroller attached with the car seat or you can go for stroller without car seat. There is no particular time horizon to put babies in a stroller without a car seat. You should keep in mind that keeping your child in a stroller frequently is injurious for kids. However, keeping kids in stroller benefits both parents and kids in several ways. Here you get some suggestions about when you can use stroller for your baby. Before going to the deeper discussion, let’s get understand the types you look for strollers for your baby.

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Type of stroller you look for depends on criteria like your location, family, lifestyle, accessories. If your house is located in an urban area, you will need a sturdy stroller which helps to perform your day to day activities more easily. If you are in the outer side of the city, you will likely need a stroller that is easy to fold and fit into the trunk of a vehicle. If your family is large enough and have an older child, you might go for a stroller with an attached stroller for the younger one. In that case, you must keep the weight guidelines provided by the manufacturer in mind. Stroller type also depends on your lifestyle. If you are a traveler, you might look for an umbrella type stroller. If you plan to run and accompany your baby with you, you might look for a jogging stroller. A stroller might be of different from the view point of accessories storage. You might need to keep basket, rain cover, sun shade, cup holder, blanket etc. with you. In that case, some strollers have this storage facility. Go for it.

Now, come to the features that every stroller must possess whether it is for two-day-old or two-year-old baby. When you take decision to buy a particular type of decision-based on above-discussed criteria, look for some extra features like sun protection, adjustable handlebar etc. Instead of using a blanket to protect your newborn baby from the sun, you can look for stroller with a big shade that is UV protective. You must also consider the handlebar which can be adjusted to accommodate you and partner’s height and leg span.

A car seat which can be attached to a stroller structure makes up car seat travel system. Manufacturers now-a-days sell this system in a package. However, convenient traveling with the newborn baby is required by the parents. So it is appealing to the parents to use stroller without a car seat which can be moved from car to strollers. Newborn babies cannot sit up on their own and do not have any control over head or neck.  So, you might use stroller that reclines fully to support the child. Some parents might allow bassinet type stroller which helps the baby to recline fully. Remember that car seat attachments for strollers is convenient only for the parents. If you have a proper replacement you can stop using attached car seat system, any time you want.

Now you might have a question in your mind about when to replace. You have already come to know that car seats are optional for using stroller. It depends on your preference to replace. You might wait until your child can sit up assisted or have control overhead and neck. You might also stop using a car seat attachment when your baby is six years old.

If your baby’s age is within 0-6 months, you need to keep your baby stable and comfortable. You need to look for a stroller which is well structured and has a suspension system to absorb bounces. It must have seat that reclines fully. This stroller must accommodate an infant car seat so that you do need to be in hurry to take your baby in and out of the car.  Go for full-sized pricier stroller instead of the inexpensive stroller frame.

If your baby is of 6-12 months old, go for a stroller with a comfortable, roomy, and adjustable seat with plenty of support and cushioning. This stroller must offer multiple recline position to suit with your growing child. As a parent, you can chat easily with your baby because she can see your face from the stroller.

If your baby is 18-24 months old, she is now independent and curious to know things. At this age, look for a stroller which is lightweight and can be folded easily.

A stroller without car seat benefits your baby by providing emotional comfort, contributing to baby’s development, helping to take nap better and offering more support and protection etc.  It also benefits you as parents. You can easily monitor your baby, give you peace of mind, and make it easier to make strong bonding by face to face chit chat from the beginning.

Now you know when to put your baby in a stroller without a car seat. You might have already had a travel system with your baby and stroller luckily. However, if you have not had such experience, keep in mind that you can put your baby in a stroller when you wish and above-mentioned discussion. Good luck!



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