VTech Communications Safe & Sound Monitor Review


This monitor is one of the top products in the market. While every monitor has its own special features, the Vtech baby monitor has all the features you want and more!



  • Sound Quality: 6.2/10
  • Range: 1000 ft


  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology for a Clear, Private Connection
  • Talk-Back Intercom for Two-Way Communication
  • LED Lights and Vibrations Signal Noise Level
  • Rechargeable Parent Unit
  • 1-year warranty
Our Verdict: Strong Buy

One of the best things about this monitor is the screen resolution. It gives parents the ability to see their child in color and with the crystal clear picture qualit,y it will make them feel like they are standing in the room with them. The zoom feature is also good for allowing parents to adjust the camera to get the best view. You can even see children in the dark because the monitor uses infrared LED! The display is not motioned sensitive so it can stay on all night without shutting off; perfect for those nights when parents just want to quickly check up on their child.

Another feature of this monitor is that it gives parents the chance to set the sound sensitivity. Most people complain about the annoying white noise that comes from leaving a baby monitor on when there is no sound coming from the other end. The Vtech baby monitor comes with the sound sensitivity feature which allows it to shut off the sound when there is no sound coming from the other end meaning a better night sleep for parents and children alike.

The Vtech monitor also works well with other monitors in the same room. Some monitors can interfere with others making it impossible to use multiple monitors together. The Vtech can work with other monitors without messing up the sound or picture meaning parents can use this monitor alongside existing ones. It also has 1000 feet of range meaning it can work just as well in an apartment as a 2 story house.

If you want to have the ability to talk to your children through this monitor you are in luck. The Vtech baby monitor has a walkie talkie built in so you can talk to you child through the monitor and comfort them if they need it. This saves you having to get up every time they begin to get upset or need to talk to you. It also comes with 5 lullabies that can help soothe children to sleep at night.

One of the downfalls of the Vtech baby monitor is that when multiple screens are used on one monitor, it has no sound. If a parent had multiple children and wanted to keep an eye on each of them, they would not be able to hear anything that is going on in the room.

Overall, the Vtech baby monitor is loaded with helpful features to give parents the control to comfort and watch over their children easily. While it is not able to do everything, it does include all the tools a parent would need to know their child is safe.

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