Samsung SEW-3037W Monitor Review



  • Sound Quality: 9.0/10
  • Range: 900 ft


  • 3.5 high quality color LCD display
  • Secure and interference free 2.4Ghz signal
  • VGA(640×480) Resolution Remote control pan, tilt and zoom
  • Remote controlled built-in night light to sooth little one to sleep
  • Monitor LEDs Indicate 5 Level of Sound Night Vision allows for low light viewing up to 15ft
  • Flip stand with belt clip
Our Verdict: Strong Buy

Everyone who has a child knows how important it is to be watchful and keep an eye on them. While this might be easy to say, it is oftentimes very easy to implement. If your child sleeps in another room, you might be constantly worried or stressing out about whether they are safe or if they are crying. This is a common concern for new parents, and for that reason, the baby monitor was created. Many people feel as if a baby monitor is not necessary, but in actuality it comes with many benefits for the life of the new parent. As mentioned earlier, baby monitors provide a peace of mind like no other technology because you are not constantly trying to guess if your child is safe. Sleep is often very rare for the new parent, but with a baby monitor yo,u are more likely to get enough rest by separating yourself from your child for a nap or quiet time. For these reasons, it is clear why a baby monitor is so important. Luckily, there is a cutting edge baby monitor that has just been developed, called the Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor. To find out more about this baby monitor, keep reading below.

There are many great qualities about this product, with one of the most notable features being excellent video quality. This product features infrared night vision as well, which makes it much easier to see the child at night if needed. The pan tilt and zoom are also features that are extremely useful on this baby monitor, as many monitors do not have these capabilities. Not only does this baby monitor have a very clear picture, but the sound is also great as well.

The range of this baby monitor is useful because it allows you to capture the child from various distances. You can even take this baby monitor outside and experience little to no interference, which is very rare in the baby monitor industry. The touch screen makes it much easier to navigate the various options on this product, and does not lag. Another great feature of this baby monitor is that the battery lasts a long time, which of course is useful in any setting.

To be more specific, one of the most praised features of this Samsung baby monitor would be the talk button. This allows parents to communicate with their children if they are doing something that they should not be doing. Additionally, the VOX mode is extremely useful because it wakes the parent up whenever the child awakens or makes a noise—while some people complain about this, this is the point of having a baby monitor, to monitor your baby. The main aspect of this baby monitor that people did not like, however, would be the noise that the monitor makes when you turn it on; this noise has the ability to wake up the child.

As you can see, there are many good things to be said about this baby monitor. If you are looking for an easy to use, yet innovative monitor, check out the Samsung SEW-3037W Baby Monitor today.

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