Joovy Spoon Walker Review: Parents Best Choice


Sometimes a simple design becomes the best choices to everybody. Joovy walker is one of them.

You might be surprised to watch the joovy’s simple feature. Because in Joovy walker there are no toys, no music attached to give entertain to the baby but this walker is the most acceptable to the parents and babies as its great potential feature. The Features of the walker are:

  • Simple, contemporary and eye-catching design

One of the best features of this walker is Simple, contemporary and eye-catching design. Most of the parents love this joovy’s simple design.

This walker is made with on the basis of the traditional simple way but that not means that the walker hasn’t any kind of modernity.

The stylish joovy walker has a bright white color with glossy finish.

The most comfortable seat comes with six lovely color design which is Blueberry, Red, Jade, Purpleness Greenie and Charcoal.

  • Uses for different purposes

This walker can use for multiple purposes. The inserted large tray can use for serve meals and also playing with toys. When it is time for feeding you can serve snack or meal on this tray but when not in use and time for playing you can put toys on it. You can also detach the tray from the walker and easily can insert the tray as well.  When the tray is messy just take off the tray and wash it and it is one the great advantage of this walker. You may be worry about how can your baby use toys in this walker for playing. Just put some toys on a large tray or just remove it to play on the floor.

  • Comfortable seat

 The walker of the seat is very comfortable which is made with 600D nylon combining luggage grade toughness that is very durable. The high back sit gives your baby a lot of support as your baby are growing up.  The seat pad is very soft that provides your baby enough comport. When the seat pad is messy take it away and wash it in a washing machine.  The plastic of this walker also washable and dishwasher safe.

  • Safety 

When coming to safety this walker has a great safety feature. Because without adequate safety walker might be dangerous for baby. The walker is made with steel reinforcement which is very strong.  The wide base will protect your baby from a crash or any kind objects like furniture, freeze etc. It also provides great balance and unparalleled strength. oversized wheels and non-slip stair pads create traction.

  • Foldable and Storage

You can easily fold this walker very simply. I think you can also set up this walker easily without any manual instruction. After folding you can store anywhere because it can take very small space or either you can take with you for traveling or transporting.

  • 3 height adjustment positions

Joovy walker has three height adjustment positions. This hight position will greatly help your baby with the time of your baby grow. At first, when using this walker for your baby I think lowest hight is best for your baby. When your baby will grow up you can adjust the hight position according to your baby hight. And  The adjustment of this walker hight position is very easy with just a click.

  • 2 in 1 walker

This walker is 2 in 1means you can use it both walker and high chair. When you do not use this walker you can make it as a high chair for your baby so you no need pay extra bucks for a high chair.



  • The design is simple but a great quality product.
  • Can set up easily.
  • Oversized tray gives you a lot of option.
  • Non-slip stair pads save you from falling down to the stairs.


  • The biggest problem is the height adjustment.
  • No built-in toys added
  • No lock option.
  • Not included any brake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use this Walker  On Carpets?

A: Most of the customer says it roll well on carpet. I think it depends on the pile of your carpet. If the pile is low then walker can roll but if the pile is think it can’t roll well.

Q: Do All The 4 Wheels Of The Walker Swivel?

A: Not all wheels are swivel. only the front two wheels swivel and the back 2 wheels are stationary.

Q: Can I lock the wheels or put it into a position where it can’t move?

A: No there is no lock option. So you can’t lock the wheels.

Q: Is it comfortable for taller baby, does it work for her?

A: Yes it is comfortable for taller baby. My baby  is  28 inches tall. He is comfortable with it.

Q: Does it have any break to stop or slow down the walker?

A: No. There is no break but there are removable strips on the underside of the beams between the wheels that have rubber on them to keep it less mobile.

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