Jolly Jumper with Super Stand Review


To buy the best baby jumper, we need to consider a lot of things. First of all, in my room have enough space or nor? Whether it is suitable for my baby? Is this product age-appropriate or not? And finally, is this kids bouncer allow using both indoor or outdoor? Yes, also I judge the above important points. Therefore, keeping mind your consideration today I will discuss the another jolly jumper review, Jolly Jumper with Super Stand.

Before buying best kids activity center, you must need to know how to select the best baby product. And for that, please take a time to read the article the best baby jumper buying guide for your lovely baby. Also, you can check the best baby jumper review from above link.

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Best choice for parent

Keep your baby entertain with the Jolly Jumper with Super Stand activity center. If you want to train up your child to stand, jump and walk then this is the best choice for you.

One of the most exciting landmarks that your child achieves is when they know how to stand. Every parent wants to see when their baby can stand. If you have a little one and you would like to train up to stand, walk and jump then Jolly Jumper with Super Stand is the perfect option for you.

jolly jumper with super stand
Jolly Jumper with Super Stand
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What should you provide for your kid?

This assures you that you are going to provide the best baby product for your son or daughter that will improve their development.  With regards to deciding on the best baby jumper, you need to be wise. When you will choose this infant product you certainly do not need to tape up a hand towel around his chest or use a harness to instruct him/her to stand and walk. So it is the best kids equipment that ensures good exercise environment for your youngster.

Jolly Jumper with Super Stand Review

You must choose the quality product like this baby activity center. It is not a top quality product but also a complete solution for your sweet one. This kids bouncer offers a child freedom of movement and helps to develop motor skill.

Jolly Jumper comes with an improved designed that ensures healthy exercise, and it helps to build up balance and strength. Your baby can enjoy this product and they will be able to stand with their own body weight. So, to develop the physical and mental health this one is the right choice for you.

For whom this baby bouncer is designed for?

This infant product is designed with a secure belt system that easily fit for interior doorways. It is suitable for

  • Minimum age of babies 3 months
  • Maximum body weight 28 pounds and
  • A baby who start to learn walk.

To features of Jolly Jumper with Super Stand

  1. Freedom of movement for premium spring
  2. Secure belt
  3. Easy to store
  4. Removable seat pad and height adjustable straps
  5. 4 legs tall stand

Now read about the Jolly Jumper with Super Stand Review

You can use this Jolly jumper anywhere i.e., indoor, outdoor, hospital and what do you want you can use. Now in best baby jumper review read details the top feature of this child product.

best baby jumper review
Best Baby Jumper Review, Jolly Jumper with Super Stand
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I. Freedom of movement for premium spring

You can find so many kinds of baby jumpers that are available for purchase. But, unfortunately, all of them are not suitably designed for your kids that can provide a full of freedom of movement. Rest assured you will find a comfortable seat with an easy movement option.

This equipment is designed with a premium spring that allows holding 28 pounds weight. So, your baby can enjoy during jumping and move. Due to freedom of movement, it helps your baby to make strong knees.

II. Secure belt

The tightness of the saddle’s belt is sufficient to keep them upright and also to avoid from falling and stumbling. This secure belt provides comfort and ease during playing.

This saddle’s belt is made of a comfortable fabric to provide additional ease of entertainment with no pain.

III. Easy to store

Another important feature of the bouncer is easy to store. This model comes up with easily foldable and storage system that makes it convenient to keep in secure place when it is not to in use. If you have the plan to go outside of a home for any purpose like travel, then easily you can carry it with you. Because it is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

IV. Removable seat pad and height adjustable straps

If you want to make sure a clean environment for your sweet baby, then easily you can remove the seat pad and can wash it. There also have a height adjustable straps that allow adjusting height with changing the height and weight of a baby. The both feature confirmed the convenient use of best kid bouncer.

V. 4 legs tall stand

This activity center no need doorway but have 4 legs stall stand to ensure an extra security. The stand is strong and tall enough. This allows your child to secure jump. Additionally, it helps to develop balance and build strength and coordination skills.

Best Baby Jumper Review | Jolly Jumper with Super Stand
  • Design
  • Features
  • Materials
  • Child friendly
  • Price


✓ It ensures baby to enjoy a healthy exercise environment.

✓ Helps babies to develop balance and build strength and coordination skills.

✓ The frame is heavy and you no need to worry about safety.

✓ It comes with easily removable and washable seat pad.

✓ Another name is complete freedom of movement.


✓ It is not suitable for a taller baby.

✓ Some customer complaints that the belt is too tight.

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Question: Are jolly jumpers bad for babies development?

Answer: Some parent has a complaint that Jolly jumper is bad for babies development. But I want to ensure you that, if you can use it perfectly by following their instruction, then there have no problem with it!

Question: Can I purchase with the stand?

Answer: I believe, yes you can. Please check their official website.

Question: Could you please let me know the height of stand when assembled?

Answer: It’s almost six feet tall assembled.

Question: What is the total stand weight?

Answer: It’s about 15 pounds. Though the stand is very stable to look but feels lighter.

Question: Does this jumper come with a door clamp?

Answer: No, unfortunately not. Even they don’t sell door clamp in the U.S. for a liability reasons.

jolly jumper super stand vs regular stand

The differences between two different types of stands: regular and super. The first distinction that should be made for these products are their size; while both will do the job adequately enough to keep your child safe when they’re nearly ready to walk or just getting started with walking (due in part because it doesn’t take much space), there’s really no need to go out and buy more than one stand if you already have at least one since most children don’t start using them until closer towards toddlerhood.

The jolly jumper super stand is better if they have the space in their room and want to be able to move around while bouncing up and down. On the other hand, regular stands offer more stability so this may work best for smaller rooms with limited play area.

Jolly Jumper Instructions (With Super Stand)

A jolly jumper is a toy that can be used by toddlers or children to jump and play. This device requires some assembly before it’s ready for use, but the instructions are easy enough once you know what they mean!

It has two feet on either side of an open-ended box with elastic strings attached at various points inside. You will need help from another person in order to assemble this standup jumper so make sure someone else knows how too!

Assemble To Stand up Jumper: Place each foot onto one end of the base (the pink sections). Push them all as far down into their respective slots as possible until there is no space between them left visible above ground level.

Next, insert both ends of the jolly jumper pole and align it so that you can see in which slot to put what color piece from where they are stored on either side at this point by pulling out a section at least 2 feet long, placing an arm through its corresponding hole while simultaneously inserting said arm’s opposite hand into another set of holes for perpendicular support. Then pull up the vertical supports slowly while making sure that none crash against any other pieces or parts;

Do you need to get an instruction for a Jolly Jumper With Super Stand? If yes, here is the Jolly Jumper With Super Stand Instructions (with Super Stand) PDF.

How to use Jolly Jumper without door frame

If you are not able to install a door frame, then don’t worry. You still can use your Jolly Jumper by following these steps:

-Attach the handlebars of your jumper on both sides with rope or bungee cords. Make sure this is secure and will not cause any harm if done right!

-Then attach one end of that same cord up high on something sturdy in front of where you want it mounted so there’s no risk for children falling down when they jump out from their seat height.

Final verdict

In this best baby jumper review, I tried to figure out most important features. I hope you are going to purchase this bouncer to ensure a suitable environment to play. Rest assured baby can enjoy during jumping. Your baby is getting a freedom of movement around.

The Jolly Jumper with Super Stand is really a super duper baby product. Because it will your baby to develop a strong body and also ensure a natural breathing. It is a perfect combination of balance and coordination.

Always I talk about the best baby jumper review. So, the Jolly Jumper with Super Stand review will help you take a decision to purchase it now for your lovely baby.

In conclusion, have a nice shopping and wish you a very happy family 🙂

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