Eating Baby Powder With Cornstarch


Baby Powder is a common substance in most of the home especially homes with babies in it. Baby Powder is a special kind of astringent powder that is used for preventing diaper rashes and other rashes also for cosmetic uses of a baby.

Sometimes it is also used as a dry shampoo and freshener. Baby Powders are also used around the bottoms and genital areas of infants to avoid or treat diaper rash. Baby Powders are often widely used by women on their genitals to reduce feminine odors.

To soothe rashes or relieve pressure on the skin, adult men and women can also use Baby Powder on other parts of their bodies. There is a weird question: can we eat Baby Powder?

Although some people have this unusual habit of eating Baby Powder. In this article, I will discuss every question about the Baby Powder that arises in your mind. 

What Are the Ingredients in Baby Powder?

There are two types of ingredients used in Baby Powder. One is talcum and the other one is cornstarch.

Talcum powder is produced from talc, a mineral composed primarily of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen atoms. Depending on the types of ingredients used, the formula can be either Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 or 3MgO.4SiO2.HOH.

most people don’t know what you were putting on the bottom of your kid. But the most important thing is it won’t hurt your baby. As a powder, it retains moisture well and helps to minimize friction, making it beneficial to keep the skin dry and to avoid rashes.

Cornstarch is made from maize and is mostly used in syrups and sugars of maize. It is unhealthy to consume raw cornstarch. A medical condition or nutrient deficiency can suggest a craving for cornstarch.

As it contains only calories and no nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, etc., it is considered a non-food product. Regularly eating cornstarch can also contribute to weight gain. So, Baby Powder with cornstarch is helpful and safest for your baby

Can We Eat Baby Powder

Some people have the unusual habit of eating Baby Powder regularly. It is not suitable for one’s health because it contains some sustains. After that, Some people have been eating it for a very long time, from their childhood. The addiction level varies. Some individuals need it regularly, and some only need it once in a while. Some others don’t have a problem, they ignore it until somewhere they happen to see it.

Cornstarch Baby Powder Uses

Cornstarch is a type of thickening agent that can be found in many foods and other products. For example, it’s used to make baby powder which helps keep skin dry by killing bacteria; corn starch also has antibacterial properties soaps made from this ingredient will (usually) leave your hands feeling clean with no residue left behind after use!

1. Cornstarch is a natural alternative to talcum powder
2. It absorbs moisture and reduces perspiration
3. Helps prevent chafing from tight fitting clothes, undergarments, or shoes
4. Dries out pimples and prevents them from getting infected
5. Prevents diaper rash by absorbing moisture in the diaper area
6. Keeps feet dry when wearing socks or stockings during winter months

Side effects of eating cornstarch baby powder

Almost every addict is interested to know the effects on their wellbeing that it will cause. So far, no authoritative studies have been performed, Baby Powders made from talcum, are very dangerous, and more harmful if someones consumed and inhaled. If you eat them, Baby Powder can cause many health problems. Like, if you have asthma, based on available evidence, you are better off not tasting talcum Baby Powder because it may cause your symptoms of asthma to worsen.

Baby Powder made with cornstarch is suitable for eating.  Cornstarch Baby Powder does not contain any kind of harmful ingredients like talcum Baby Powder.

 Why Talcum Baby Powder Is Harmful to People?

 Talc is a naturally occurring mineral consisting of magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen extracted from the earth. Chemically speaking, Talc has a chemical formula of Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 and is a hydrous magnesium silicate. In cosmetic products such as Baby Powder and adult body and facial powders, it is commonly used,

As well as in a range of other items for consumer use. Some talcum Baby Powder produces asbestos in its natural form, A material believed, when a person inhales or eats a Baby Powder, it causes cancers in and around the lungs.

Inhaling or eating the Baby Powder, the person will have a lot of complications such as chest pain, problems with breathing, diarrhea, continued vomiting, etc. There was a lawsuit where a Few women have sued Johnson and Johnson, alleging that ovarian cancer was caused by their talcum powder.

A woman who eats Talcum Baby Powder during the pregnancy period causes a huge complication during pregnancy time, even a post-delivery issue. Also, the effect on the newborn baby.

Why Are Cornstarch Baby Powder Safe?

 The most commonly used alternative to talcum powder is cornstarch. This can be found in the grocery shops on the bakery island, in drugstores, Online, and other general merchandise outlets, such as Walmart or Target.

Also available are consumer cornstarch blends. This powder of cornstarch absorbs moisture rapidly and is free of parabens, phthalates, colors, and sulfates. This cornstarch Baby Powder is great for kids and adults.

  • Baby Powder made with cornstarch also has so many benefits like, Cornstarch Baby Powder Helps to protect the baby’s skin against chafing and diaper rash.
  • Cornstarch Baby Powder  Helps to avoid perspiration-induced prickly heat or skin irritations.
  • Cornstarch Baby Powder is a completely free Preservative.
  •  Checked Dermatologist.
  • Checked for Allergies.

But sometimes it creates a respiratory problem even in a small amount. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, cornstarch powder can be harmful if you eat or inhale it. Inhaled or eating cornstarch powder can harm the growing lungs of a baby.

Eating Cornstarch Baby Powder While Pregnant

Eating Cornstarch Baby Powder While Pregnant is not a good idea. Eating substances like corn starch can cause an allergic reaction in some people and it’s also bad for your health when pregnant since there are safety concerns that arise during pregnancy with regards to food allergy or even oral disease such as thrush (a yeast infection).

Eating cornstarch is a common thing for pregnant women to do in order try and ease the discomfort of morning sickness. In addition, many people eat it on their own out if pure maple syrup or honey because these natural sweeteners don’t have any negative impact when consumed by someone else but might cause some stomach irritation with just boiled sugar water.

The purpose behind eating starch during pregnancy isn’t really fully understood though there are two competing theories: one suggests that this helps prevent HGERD since mostarlaneids found within foods rise higher up into your digestive tract than other typesfoods; while another believes consuming pantry items such as starches will makeyou less nauseated

Is Cornstarch Baby Powder Safe For Adults

Is Cornstarch Baby Powder Safe for Adults?
A lot of people think that corn starch is just an ingredient to add some texture and flavor into your baby’s food, but what they don’t know is the potential side effects. Some adults use it as well–even though this ingredient can cause inflammation if you’re not aware! So make sure before using any product on yourself or another person; read label carefully so both parties receive only safe results.

You may have heard that cornstarch is unsafe for adults, but does it really matter?
One of the most common ingredients in baby powder and other similar products are natural starches which come from organic foods. These include things like tapioca starch or maize flour.

The reason why people think these can harm them if they consume too much has to do with numbers – all materials listed on health hazards lists as “no dietary restrictions.” Cornstarch isn’t one those items; however some individuals react differently due different hereditary factors related metabolism speed among others.

But what about when you’re not pregnant anymore?” As long as there’s no reaction at first use then continued daily intake should pose little risk.

Does Cornstarch Baby Powder Cause Cancer

Does Cornstarch Baby Powder cause cancer? The short answer is no. That’s because the corn starch used in baby powder contains different types of sugars than other substances that can be converted into harmful chemicals under heat or pressure, according to LiveScience . Additionally it has been found not have any toxicological effects when tested on animals.

Cornstarch is a common ingredient in many food products, including baby powder. It’s often used as an anti-caking agent or thickening agents for sauces and hot oil frying because of the way it works with water vapor during high temperatures to create bubbles that solidify on contactosphere but not at low enough temps which means you can deep fry things without having any lumps.


In this article, I want to clear all of you about eating cornstarch Baby Powder, especially those who have a curious mind or have a lot of questions about it.

Consuming Baby Powder is a strange habit of sorts. It describes the individual’s weak or dysfunctional mental state. Typically, individuals who are addicted to it suffer from a disease.



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