Best Rugs For Baby Nursery | Choose The Right One For Your Baby

To get a perfect jubilant rug for your baby is almost a difficult job. Not all the babies are same in nature and character. They tend to look for different color and environment in a room. A baby Rug is the most important thing for the parents to catch the attraction of the babies. With great color and design, a Rug will make the room more engaging and playful for infants.

In addition to that, a baby rug is useful for a baby to keep it in a smooth and soft surface. If the baby were in learning to walk stage then a rug would be a good surface to start their first step.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Rugs For Baby Nursery

Buying appropriate rugs for the nursery is the first thing, which needs to be done in the first place. It has a great impact on the kids as well as the environment in the nursery. Things need to be keep on mind are:

Age of the kids:

As a part of decoration, a nursery will have some priorities and surface is the most important thing for the starter. However, what things should keep on mind before going for a nursery rug. Age limit of the kids is the first thing that should be given importance. Because, there is difference between an infant and a baby.

Size of the room: 

Rug size is one of the complicated thing. Unless you do not know the proper size of the room, it would be not clear for the buyer.  Usually, it is seen that to buy a rug which will cover the open part of the room but for a nursery it is better to buy a large would which would cover the whole room so babies don’t get hurt in any corner of the room.

Comfort of the Rug:

Babies are delicate and they need a soft and comfortable surface for playing. So when thinking about a rug for nursery comfort comes before any other thing. No matter what is the color and what the size is, it will have to be top notch when you consider the comfort zone.

Color and Design:

Babies are generally like to spend in a colorful and fancy place. When it is time to go for a color and design of the rug for the nursery one should definitely go for a design, which will suit the room and environment. Children should be kept in a colorful room with a designed rug where they can learn some character or improve their learning.


Material is the most important thing to decide what should be perfect for the nursery. As babies are sensitive and they mostly roll and crawl on the rug so a soft and smooth rug is pleasant for the baby to stay on the ground. Try to avoid itchy and hard materials. Woolen rugs or fur made rugs could be suitable for the babies.


You do not want to keep your baby in an unclean rug. A clean and neat rug is healthy for the baby to lay on. Polyester based rugs are quite easy to clean. However, these days a machine washable rug is getting very popular and attracting a lot of customer. You can try it as well.

In the market place, there are tons of different types of Rugs for babies. Some products are given below

1. Woolino Naptime & Play Rug for Babies


Woolino Naptimehas a strong reputation for its quality rugs in the market. Woolino Naptime & Play Rug for Babies is an excellent addition to the nursery for kids. It is a 100% natural product with biodegradable and a renewable resource, which is comfortable for the babies. Some features of this Rug are given below:


  • A cosy place for the kids to settle down and do their regular stuff. It has the multi-purpose dimensions as stroller, bassinet, seat, changing table, or play rug.
  • This is the only lambskin rugs in the market place, which is 100%, secured to use and OekoTex 100 seal of safety, certified for highest Class I infant useand alsotested for 100 harmful substances.
  • Merino wool baby sleep sack in USA and Canada since 2010 make the Woolino Naptime & Play Rug for Babies and keeps in no one in the position.
  • From studies it is found that, a lambskin baby rug works with babies like no other rugs. Babies feel comfortable and they sleep more, cry less and relax for extra time.
  • Wool makes the baby warm and works very well in all the weather. When it is cold it gives the babies warm feeling and in hot weather it gives a cold feeling.


  • Crafted from all the silky lambskins and seamless.
  • Biodegradable and a renewaresource.
  • No bad or wool odor
  • Very soft, silkier and thicker.


  • All lambskins may look same so before buying one should be 100% sure about the authenticity of the brand
  • Comparatively Small

2. XL Australian Lambskin Baby Rug


This lambskin baby rug is an outstanding thing to use as a nursery rug, bedtime rug, and play rug and for different room. XL Australian Lambskin Baby Rug is a 100% natural rug for the babies to keep them safe and secure while they use it. Features of Australian Lambskin are given below:


  • Two-step collapsing structure
  • Durable materials and lightweight
  • Backrest isn’t RECLINABLE
  • Adjustable Harness System
  • One-hand pushing
  • Five point seat strap
  • Overhead overhang
  • Protective solace cushions


  • This product is guaranteed free of toxic AZO Dyes, formaldehyde, nickel etc.
  • Checked with highest standard of safety for any kind of sensitive skin
  • Extremely soft, Comfortable, nice smell and pain relieving
  • Machine washable but you cannot put in the dryer


  • A bit more expensive for keeping the maintenance.
  • Recommended specific Outback Gold Wool Wash for cleaning.

3. PAGISOFE Soft Fluffy Blue Area Rugs


PAGISOFE Soft Fluffy Blue Area Rugs are the new hype of the rugs industry. With itsastonished outlook and quality.  This brand has rugs, which are perfectly appropriate for the kids in the room or nursery.  PAGISOFE Soft Fluffy Blue Area Rugs is applicable in all the places such as baby nursery, girls room, boys room, student dorm room, kids room, living room, playroom, apartment bedroom, themed room, children play area, classroom reading area, office, beauty room, in front of the sectional couch and love seat, under coffee table etc. 

PAGISOFE Soft Fluffy Blue Area Rugs contains features, which should be highlighted:


  • PAGISOFEis made from faux fur so it is automatically extremely comfortable for the kids and they can play and roll over all day long in the rug. In addition to that, it has a cover of foam rubber so can be used as a bed as well.
  • It has an optimum size, which is 47* 63 inches so covers a huge space to make sure rug is giving a protection to the infants.
  • It is a good deal for the buyers, as these rugs will come in a multi-purpose thing. It can be adapted as a carpet, infants playing surface, mattress and so on.
  • This blue radiant colored rug will lighten up baby’s room surely and go with the joyful environment where an infant should spend its time.
  • This brand have hypoallergenic properties, which is advisable for the sensitive skin.


  • Large, super soft and comfortable
  • can easily maintenance and also machine washable
  • It has non-slip backing.
  • very low price


  • Not as thick as said in picture
  • Difficult to clean
  • Some customers compalint with rug quality

4. IHEARTYOU Baby Crawling MatChildren Bedroom Decor Living Room Rugs


IHEARTYOU Baby Crawling Mat has come up with an innovative cute design, which is entirely attractive for the babies. It has some amazing design in the whole rug so babies will be familiar with various animals while playing in the nursery. With a unique design and color, combination has made this rug a big hype in the market place.


  • Made by microfiber, which does not harm the environment and good for the nature. However, this rug is healthy and comfortable for the baby.
  • Advised for those who live in a hard wood so this surface will make the floor soft and will reduce noise too. Whoever, looking for a smooth surface for their babies it is a good option for them to try for the nursery.
  • Unlike other brands it has some unique and exciting designs such as fox, elephant, animal pattern, bear, rabbit, deer, giraffe, they are cute and lovely and babies will be more intrigue to spend time in playing.
  • IHEARTYOU Baby Crawling Matis especially made to encourage babies to crawl. Roll, jump and walk. It helps to improve their walking skill without getting hurt.
  • Like other Rug brands in market, this brand has also some pros and cons. It should get attention to the buyer before they proceed to buy:


  • Soft and lightweight. Can be washed with machine or hand as well.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Can be washed with machine or hand as well.
  • Quality and Environmentally friendly material
  • Perfect mat for a nursery


  • Came with only crawling mat without any toy.
  • Difficult deformation.
  • very thin

5. PAGISOFE Ultra Soft Round Area Rugs


This specific brand is ruling the market these days with its unique design and great quality product. They emphasize on the outlook of the rugs and great variations with color and design as well.

They use 100% non-toxic materials for manufacturing rugs for the infants, which makes them the best in the market. PAGISOFE Ultra Soft Round Area Rugs has some amazing features


  • This rug is made of fur, which is very soft in use and comfortable for the baby. Approximately the fur is 3cm long.
  • It is round in size and around 102 cm in diameter. It comes with a great shape so that babies feel easy in their nursery time.
  • One of the necessary feature is it is easy to manage and accessible. Light weight and can be folded when it is needed.
  • While playing in the nursery an infant might get hurt and a comfortable rug like PAGISOFE will be a good protection.
  • Another thing to place in mind that it has vacuum bag so that the rug maintains its cleanliness perfectly without any hazard.


  • It has some extra protections for sensitive skins of babies so an infant can have the best time while they are playing in the nursery.
  • The rugs have hypoallergenic properties for your baby’s safety.
  • Price is cheaper than other rug
  • Look pretty and extremely soft


  • This fury made rug is only machine washable so it is difficult sometimes for anyone to maintain.
  • Not good quality product
  • Very thin

6. Memory Foam Nursery Rug


Memory Foam Nursery Rug is a leading brand among Rugs in the market today. It has some special qualities and features so that one can be relaxed to make it as part of their kid’s life. With an affordable price range and color, it is definitely a good deal for the infants for the nursery.


  • This rug comes with a great quality of support to your kids. It helps to give an extra comfort for the little feet to walk on.
  • Toddlers can roll all over it without getting hurt. It has the coral velvet surface, which is supremely comfortable for the nursery kids.
  • Because of packing, it is thinner for sometimes but after starting to use it will automatically get into shape and will give a super volume.
  • It has rubber backed prevention and skidding which will minimize the stress and infants will have a great time while playing in the nursery.
  • Memory Foam Nursery Rug has anti-slip bottom to keep the kids safe and applicable for all the rooms in multiple sizes.
  • Coral velvet manufactured memory foam rug has amazing comfort which can be used to as a mattress as well.


  • It has 30 days warranty with easily reachable customer service
  • Anti-fatigue and water prevention with quick drying.
  • Soft, comfortable and quality product
  • Also fit for Yoga
  • Can vacuum Easily and also Easy to clean


  • Machine is washable but need big machine
  • Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent would be a bit demanding.
  • Expensive maintenance

 7. Noahas Super Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs

Noahas rugs with super flexible quality has upgraded the products. This rug brand has some great collection of color and easy to manage. Various types of colors presents the room in such a pleasant way. You can easily remove dust and dirt on surface  just using hand wash. Amazing features of this amazing rug will discuss in next section:


  • With the multi-purposed served function for different rooms has brought up a new trend in the market.
  • Optimum quality height and width has made the user more comfortable. Great quality of sponge interlayer and velvet surface is another think to consider intriguing. Proper thickness and non-slip plastic spots bottom is exciting for the babies in the nursery.
  • Velvet touch helps the babies to roll over and crawl all over in the surface. Babies can find comfort and sleep in the rug while playing.
  • Stylish design and unique look have the appeal to all the ages and can be used to cover various decorative purposes.


  • It has Warranty and manufactures while keeping on mind about the safety.
  • Can be used for multi-purpose.
  • Quality material with bright color


  • It cannot be vaccumed because it has shag so it is better to shake it off.
  • After several washes it will lose softness.
  • It doesn't have a non skid back but it has non-slip plastic spots bottom

8. Sunmig Newborn Baby Photo Prop Blanket Rug Background Backdrops Basket Stuffer (Off-white)


With a great quality of product, this rug has amazing reviews with such an affordable price range. Adorable design and colorful options is equally improving the brand value of this product. Lightweight with a great range of color and size is quite big.


  • Specially used for photo shoots.
  • With high quality materials and comfort.
  • Dry wash as well as machine washable.
  • Great option for the parents to click pictures of their babies and make memories.
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable cozy touch would make the babies spend their time in a comfortable
  • surface while they are playing.
  • Makes the nursery or room look great and creates a joyful surrounding for the babies.


  • 100% high quality with polyester made.
  • Thin and affordable price range.
  • Small and comfortable


  • Machine washable, which is high maintenance sometimes.
  • Washing can cause coming off fringy pieces.

9. GORILLA GRIP Original Faux-Chinchilla Nursery Area Rug


An amazing quality of product, which has a variety of design and color to create a massive hype in the market. GORILLA GRIP Original Faux-Chinchilla Nursery Area Rug is unique and lucrative for all the types of rooms.


  • Best comfortable product in the market for the babies in the market place. Babies can relax and play in the surface. It has extra cushion on the middle of the rug with a great relaxing feeling.
  • This Gorilla grip has an amazing quality of softness and a thick layer will always prevent the babies from getting hurt while they learn to walk.
  • For cleaning, you can use the easy access and try vacuum cleaning. However, for better deep cleaning machine wash would be perfect.
  • Accessible in variety of colors and sizes to go with all the rooms and design. Babies will love and enjoy the Gorilla rug experience entirely.
  • Gorilla has strong quality grip and prevents the nursery kids as well as all the people from sliding.


  • Easy vacuumed
  • Prevent from sliding.
  • 10 years guarantee.


  • Recommended to wash rugs separately which could be time consuming.
  • Little backing to keep it flat.

FAQ Rugs For Baby Nursery :

Q: What types of Rug is best for nursery?

Ans: A comfortable one with a soft touch for babies.

Q: Which color should be brought for the rugs?

Ans: Babies are usually kept in a colorful place and they tend to enjoy bright colors so it is best to keep them in a vibrant atmosphere.

Q: What primary things should be focused while buying rugs?

Ans: Size of the room, material of the rug as some materials could be sensitive for the baby’s skin.

Q:What type of material is the rug made of?

Ans: According to the brand and manufacturer, it is important for the buyers to know.

Q: What is the washing method?

Ans: Mostly machine washable, sometimes hand washed and dry washable.

Nursery Rugs are quite a necessary thing and this article has all the aspect to guide before buying Nursey rug for babies.

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