Best Baby Walker For Carpet and Push Walker (2021) | A Complete Guide To Choosing Best Baby Walker

Finding the best baby walker not only difficult but need a lot of hours of browsing through options. Babies are fragile. They need a support. Every parent is conscious of the safety of their babies. Obviously, they want the best thing for their child. So when you are buying a Baby Walker for your child you need to be careful about a lot of things. Here is 15 best Baby walkers review which will definitely help you to choose your desired ones!

We will discuss here 2 types of Baby Walker 1) Seated Walker 2) Sit-to-Stand Walker. These 2 different walker has different functions, role, and benefit.

best baby walker

Seated Walker: In a Seated walker, Your baby can walk, play and eat snacks. The benefit of this walker is you can serve food for your baby because it has a large tray to take food. A seated walker provides more safety than push walker. Because seat walker has wade base as well as heavy which provides enough safety and stability.

Sit-to-Stand Walker: It is generally a push walker. By standing on her own and push the walker your baby can improve his/her walking. Considering to improve baby walking skill push walker is better than seat walker. Besides its price, it is comparatively cheaper than seat walker.

Here we will provide a Full Review of these two Baby Walker

Before buying please read age of baby walker

  1. Best baby walker for carpet  2. Best baby push walker/ Sit-to-Stand Walker

Best Baby Walker For Carpet – Comparison Chart

ImageName of WalkerProduct weightProduct DimensionPrice
Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights11.8 pounds5.5 x 25.2 x 29.4 inches View Price
Joovy Spoon Walker12.3 pounds27.8 x 25.5 x 18 inches View Price
Safety 1st Sounds Discovery Walker11.02 pounds24 x 28.1 x 22.5 inches View Price
Disney Music and Lights Walker11.8 pounds29.2 x 25.5 x 5 inches View Price
Ferrari F1 Baby Walker14 pounds26 x 24 x 26 inches View Price
Disney Music and Lights Walker, Pink11.8 pounds29.2 x 25.5 x 5 inches View Price
Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk11.02 pounds34 x 28 x 24 inches View Price

Best baby push walker

ImageName of WalkerProduct weightProduct DimensionPrice
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
6 pounds16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches View Price
Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker3.88 pounds19 x 6.5 x 14 inches View Price
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker6.95 pounds15 x 15 x 11.8 inches View Price
Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker2.2 pounds26.9 x 3.5 x 16 inches View Price
Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant9.4 pounds30 x 8.9 x 16 inches View Price
Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride & Ride Lion7.75 pounds7.8 x 28 x 15 inches View Price
Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker5.29 pounds22 x 6.9 x 16 inches View Price

1. Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer- Mom’s Pick (Our No #1 Choice)


Age Limit6-12 months
Weight Limit30 Pounds
Product Dimensions28 x 26 x 21.5 inches
Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer is a Japanese product. In 1989 the USA sub-branch has started its journey. Despite it is a Japanese product the basic target market is based in the USA.

It has some super excellent features. First one is its bounciness. Other than teaching walking it has the feature of jumping and bouncing as well. This brand assured their quality products so their seats are padded to make it comfortable for the child.

Along with these, it has anti-skid pads to protect babies from falling. All the attached types of equipment are removable and washable so it’s really easy to maintain the walker whenever it is dirty. Flexibility is another thing which needs to be mentioned in the case of this walker. It can be folded and can be placed in different places with a limited space.

Combi has a few drawbacks too. Regarding its price, it is a bit expensive. If you have a limited budget, then this tool might be out of your league. Given with so many features make it a little expensive. And one more thing is that this walker will be a difficult ride if your home has carpet on the floor.


  • Anti-skip pad
  • Easy to set up
  • easily  rolls on hardwood floors


  • It’s not good for carpet floor
  • Sometimes The stickers kinda wear off but that’s expected

Best Baby Walker For Carpet

2. Joovy Spoon Walker- Budget Two in One Walker and High Chair

Joovy is no #1 best baby walker For Carpet. The very simple feature of joovy walker grabs most of the parents and babies attention. Read the full review of joovy spoon walker here. In 2005 Joovy started as a small family business. And today this business has made it a brand. The specialty of this Joovy is they always give priority to the baby’s comfort in the mind. Their product is stylish, unique and entertaining for the babies.

The first feature which makes Joovy different from others is its quality of making. As a parent, if you love fun tools the Joovy has some breathtaking collections for you. They have a variety of colors and designs. This specific model is in blueberry color which is quite an attractive color for babies.

Portable and foldable Joovy has especially taken care of parents concern about the adjustments. So it can be folded in many ways. Removable parts made it super comfortable. Seat, food tray these can be detached, can be washed as well.

But one thing needs to be on mind the seating capacity of Joovy is not so much friendly for taller children. This is a major drawback because parents have no idea how tall will the child be. In addition to that, it has some difficulties when it supposed to be moved because of its heavy base.


  • Ultra-wide base tray gives strength, stability, safety, and mobility
  • Amazing bright color with a glossy finish
  • Can roll any kind of floor, carpet or even rugs
  • Made with high-quality 600d materials
  • It has non-slip stair pads which protect your baby from stair


  • No toys are attached for entertaining baby
  • The brake of the walker isn’t good enough. So brake option should improve


3. Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker – Child Can Walk & Play at The Same Time

Our one of the best baby walker which is also good for carpet. Safety 1st is a 30 years old company. It has such amazing baby and home products. This brand has made sure babies enjoy the walker while they walk. Safety 1st has made innovative tools with a variety of colors. It is specially made to move the walker from different places.

To make the baby walker a bit interesting this brand has sound and color which could make your baby relaxed while playing. There is a specification for babies to use this walker. Baby has to be within 30 pounds and taller than 32 inches. It will support your child so effectively that will help to use the walker even before they know how to walk.

To have a great use of the tool parents expect it to flexible and portable with a very minimum space. It has entertaining options which run by the battery. Sometimes it is difficult to use the battery and getting used to it. One more thing as it run by the battery so when the battery runs out it is hazardous for parents to adjust it and make it work properly.


  • A lot of amazing toys on the tray. The rattle, crinkle, spin, light up
  • The walker rolls very well on both floor and carpet especially on carpet


  • Snack tray isn’t washable because you can’t remove it.
  • Although its quality isn’t as good as joovy its price is very reasonable

4. Disney Music and Lights Walker – Must Have for Baby Girl

Disney baby is a humongous brand among baby products. From the company name, it is clear that it will be influenced by the Disney design. It’s the best baby walker for you cute girl. Apart from designs, it has some super features to attract the marketplace. Disney has a comfortable seat so how long the babies sit in the chair it will not any uncomfortable. Great quality grip has another feature which will help the baby hold the walker whenever it is moving around.

It can be washed and removed in any form. Because it is really a common scenario that a baby will make some mess wherever it goes with the walker. So it is important to remove and wash the parts and seats regularly. Folding is another feature which is really important.

Parents need to travel to different places so walkers which are easy to move would be a lifesaver for them. But when it comes to checking the wheel there is no lock around. It could be a reason for tension because while in the walker babies are not safe. As this is a safety issue so parents have to be more careful or keep an extra eye because safety is the most important thing for a baby.


  • The wheels are sturdy that help you move  easily on both floors and carpet
  • Grip strips reduce the speed when you are in uneven surfaces
  • The seat is really comfy


  • Sometimes it is difficult to adjust height.
  • Sometimes Assembly is annoying

5. Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

Baby walkers are such a relief for parents. Parenting is not easy and for working parents, it’s much difficult. But for your baby, some amazing baby walkers are there. Bright Starts are one of them. It will support the baby from falling down to how to walk. It has some super necessary features which have made the product really attractive to the parents.

Its stylish design and making are really top notch. It is combined with two catchy colors yellow and turquoise. The moment this walker is in front of your baby she or he will be really into the walker. It has play station which has space to place toys and other fun stuff.

Bright starts walker is specially designed for the babies who have some difficulties to make their first step. Parts are adjustable and easy to keep it clean. This brand has made this walker really inexpensive. So parents can afford it for their babies. But for tall baby’s parents have to be careful because it might be not so comfortable for the babies.

6. Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center – Two in One Walker and Activity Center

Chicco has a huge reputation among 120 countries. In Europe, it is the most important baby brand company. Chicco focuses on the amusement of the product while they make it. One very innovative feature Chicco has it is connected to an MP3 tune so that when the baby takes first step everybody can hear the sound. When your baby is sleeping you can use this as an activity center as well.

Foldable and removable tray both are also important features of the Chicco brand. Like an activity center, this can also be used as a toy. The musical tray can easily be removed from the device. Some walkers don’t have the option to adjust its height. But this Chicco brand has a special feature where even if your child grows it doesn’t matter because you have three adjustable height settings.

It will protect babies from bumping into the wall because it has bumper grounds too. As it has some toy features babies can play but all the kinds of stuff are digital so there is no scope to be physical activities. But babies will have a sufficient amount of sounds, lights, and music to be busy with.

7. Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker with Activity Tray

Disney Baby has started their journey with the touch of Disney charm in all of its products. The product it has will be influenced by everyday activities. They have information about different brands to meet up the parent’s expectations throughout its product quality.

Safety is the first concerning issue for this brand. This brand giving so much competition to the others because they are the leading brand among all the companies. It has wheels which will support the walker to not from falling from the tool.

By this babies will have so much fun to experience the wheels. After using the walker, it has the option to fold the walker where there will be a lot of time will be saved. On the other hand, babies are messy, when they play and move around there will be so much fuss.

So this has a removable seat. When you feel like you can remove the seat as well as you can wash it too. It has a feature where it will be hard to move the walker if the floor is covered by carpets. If it is tile floor, only then the walker can move around.


  • Very pretty, and brightly colored. Your daughter will definitely love.
  • Very entertaining music and light
  • Overall Quality is great
  • Adjustable height is very convenient to the walker


  • Sometimes toys are stuck especially Minnie Mouse
  • it takes time to assemble

8. Ferrari F1 Baby Walker in Red

Ferrari is another best baby walker. You can use this walker as a jumper and activity center. Baby walkers have a huge demand in the marketplace. Ferrari F1 Baby Walker brand has a target customer because of its quality products. The unique and stylish approach of this particular brand has grabbed the parents mind. It has features for the baby’s entertainment purpose and on the top of its sound system for babies.

Even if your baby is growing no tension for that. Ferrari F1 has three adjustable parts to adjust it with your baby heights. To keep something, it has a removable tray. So you can keep the thing in the tray and after finishing you can remove it as well.  By removing the steering wheel and turn into a large tray you can serve food for your baby. Talking to the wheels the two front wheels are swivel and the two back wheel are fixed. All wheels can spin and move well.

This walker is adjustable and can be moved into different places. It will come in attractive colors to shine up the baby’s ride. But one thing which should be kept into the mind that it is quite a bit expensive compared to other brands. And it could be risky sometimes where the arm could get stuck. So parents need to be extra careful while using the walker.


  • It is very stable and strong. Very adorable color
  • Great exercise for your babies leg, strengthen her back as well.
  • it is a 3 in 1. It works walker, jumper, and eating station as well.


  • Hight Adjustment should be better
  • The bouncer of the walker does not work properly but everything else is great.

9. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker – Bold and Vibrant

This company started with some interesting features which include art, music, language, nature, and language where is it possible to express the emotion which is visually not approachable. 15 years back Baby Einstein started its journey and still going strong.

Spectacular design and an outstanding color combination are eye-catching for all the babies. Baby Einstein introduces some energetic colors to make the shine a bit more. Unlike other brands, it has different height settings so that a child could use this device for a long time.

The special wheel features so that a baby can move around in the house. A tray is attached with the walker for feeding your baby. There is an activity center and all you need to do is just remove the center and adjust the food tray.

The best part of this walker is it has an amazing activity center. Apart from walking the baby can enjoy some entertainment stuff as well. But one major drawback this walker has it cannot be folded. Modern all the brands have this useful feature so it feels really easy to carry the baby walker and it could grab a lot of space.

10. Delta Children’s Products Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

A baby walker has to be something more like a fun. Babies should enjoy their time they are in the walker. Delta Lil drive activity is exactly like this. It is kind of a car-themed walker. Amazing color selection and exciting design made this product really unique.

Because it is really important for the kids to have some good time in their childhood. It has an activity center where they can play with toys. Specially wheeled walker made this model attractive to use. One of the necessary features is babies grow really fast and the walkers couldn’t adjust the height of the baby. T

his Delta Lil’ Walker has three adjustable settings. So if your baby grows you can adjust it according to the height of your baby. This walker is also movable so baby can move this one place to another.

But sometimes these wheels are not so flexible. It can cause scratches on the floor. Another thing is also to keep in mind that this walker is too high for short babies. So before buying this product parents need to be extra careful.

11. Dream On Me 2 in 1 Crossover Musical Walker and Rocker, Grey

Dream On me Crossover Musical Walker is not only the best baby walker but also good Rocker. You can use it both walker and rocker. In 1988 Dream has emerged its journey. They have been making baby products for a very long period of time. They used to make baby mattresses but after they have started making quality baby walkers their market value has increased a lot. A specialty of Dream On baby walker is it is inspired by the racing around.

To make it more accessible its price is affordable.  Most of the walkers have 2 directional wheels in the front but this walker has 4 directional wheels. Dream On has focused on their color of walkers. As kids like colorful things so their range is quite a high. Walkers are available in pink, Gray, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue. One of the amazing this brand as they have three adjustable sizes for the walkers.

When your baby grows you can adjust the walker as well. Not only this but it has music and sound system to make sure the baby is in good mood. Without an entertainer a baby walker is incomplete. It also has a tray to keep something if it is required and after finishing the tray is removable too.

But it has some minor drawbacks too. Sounds could be sometimes too much noise for the babies so parents have to be little careful about that.


  • The wheels are multi-directional that you can easily roll both carpet and floor.
  • For extra fun, you can easily convert  it into a rocker
  • All wheels are swivel.
  • All toys can take off


  • Little bit heavier

12. V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Ideal for Toddlers or Infants

V-Tech is one of the best baby walker to the parent and baby. The walker works both on floor and carpet. V-Tech has some super fun features for the babies. Their walker has a special quality which is it will offer you to use the device for a long period of time.  So according to your baby grows, it will also have the feature to cope with that.

Another useful feature is from the back it has the pushing control. So while your baby is in the seat anyone can help to balance the baby. It has attached play station which is obviously removable so babies can enjoy some cool kinds of stuff while walking.

V-Tech has introduced some music for the relaxation for the babies and it has a good amount of song list more than 70 songs, music and sounds, with 2 AA batteries. It is made of good quality materials for the convenience of the babies. As babies are not always on their own the walker has removable and washable seats.

It makes the process so easy to keep clean the parts of the walker. But as the other baby walker brand has some features to move the walker in so many places V-Tech lacks in this criteria. It is advisable to be a little more careful while the walker is on the smooth ground.


  • Can improve babies motor and cognitive skill
  • Highly recommended of the expert
  • High-quality plastic and Toys are Very interactive and appealing
  • So Easy to Assemble


  • As the baby walker is light so it has high chance to fall your baby if s/he is lean. You should supervise your baby.
  • Some components should improve like interlocking gears, Toys.


13. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

You want to make your babies time memorable. Whenever babies are experiencing the walker Fisher-price Bright has focused on the comfort zone of babies. It has some super quality features which include toy center. Because babies will play and create a mess.

So a toy center is a really attractive feature for a baby walker. In addition to that, this is foldable whenever it is necessary. Color selection is another thing which can attract the parents. Baby products are always in bright colors. On the top of the list, this brand has some entertaining stuff as well. Such as sliding beads, spinning balls, and flipping panels.

Regarding safety issues, this brand has taken major steps to make sure the safety of the walker. But one thing is missing in this walker is they have no music system included. So it is quite a big drawback for the people who are thinking to buy it. Lightweight is another feature which might kill its goodwill. Because of a too lightweight baby walker maybe not advisable for a baby to use.

14. Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

The sort of a primary companion you need for the little one is Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker! It is a definitive toy that shows your youngster to make their first strides in the most innovative way. Its melodic action will give much fun and energy of figuring out the most effective method to walk. It is stacked with involved it keeps hands possessed and it gets feet moving. Your infant can enjoy about ABC’s and 123’s via chime in tunes. Taking part for the sake of entertainment perusing exercises, sing-alongs and more urges them to figure out how to walk while having a fabulous time. The walker steadies’ initial steps and rewards strolling with empowering expressions and fun music.



  • Two routes for the child to play Sit and Play or Stand and Walk.
  • Easily get a handle on the handle.
  • Toggle guitar, tambourine dial, bat-and-turn maraca.
  • Considerably additional moving and scoring.
  • Lots of fun expressions, music, and melodies.
  • Babies from a half year to three years are reasonable.
  • 3 AA batteries required.


  • Easy to amass.
  • Easy figuring out how to walk.
  • Very amusing with music.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Great for building child certainty.
  • Great push walker
  • Good tallness
  • Very tough


  • Wheels may not bolt
  • Batteries excluded
  • Little light for a functioning Infant

15. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Chomp and Clack Push Toy



Children jump at the opportunity of amusement. It tends to astonish on the off chance that you give your child just a toy as well as an ideal buddy which will assist your kid with walking. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Chomp and Clack Push Toy is such a toy, to the point that you are thinking for. It is both fun, reasonable and safe.

It has light dark colored wheels that are painted with various figures, a blue body, a beautiful handle. The alligators and chomp and clack as the toy are being pushed! It makes sounds and has many things that your kid can contact. This toy accompanies non-slide wheels so your child won’t slip.

It will really enable your child to increase skills of motor. You never need to stress over your youngster’s security. Because Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Chomp and Clack Push Toy is uniquely intended to protect your child even as he or she has a ton of fun pushing it either inside your home or in your terrace. It’s an especially fun and connecting path to figure out how to walk!


  • Three eating crocs
  • Spinning butterfly, ladybug globules and fish on wheels.
  • Sturdy wood rather than plastic
  • Helps youngsters figure out how to walk
  • Brightly hued
  • Makes clamor as the tyke pushes
  • Recommended age rating is 1 year and up


  • Great for learning to walk
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Constrained movement wheels
  • Perfect for wood/cover floors
  • Safe speed
  • Reasonable cost



  • May fall patio.
  • Wheels may break.
  • Hard to turn

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce Stride and Ride Elephant

Astonishing elephant companion accessible in three “grow-with-me” approaches to play gets child moving: first ricocheting up and down; at that point steadying infant’s initial steps as a walker; at that point as an infant fueled ride-on buddy with lights, music and fun sounds! Through the starting phases of advancement by dynamic play, it is a perfect device to help your kid.

The Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce Stride and Ride Elephant will make an awesome companion for your young one to play with for a considerable length of time at any given moment. It highlights lively hues that your kid is sure to adore taking a gander at. This toy will play unrecorded music for your youngster to tune in and furthermore offers beautiful lights in addition to fun sounds and expressions.

This melodic elephant will likewise enable riding foot-to-floor. The wheel is extremely helpful, parquet, flooring, black-top, tile, grass – all very ordinary rolls. The elephant’s huge, delicate ears move as infant moves with its charming unstable honey bee, gives the children a chance to skip together without Mom waiting to be there, recess is much more fun.


  • Three “grow-with-me” approaches to play
  • Walking, ricocheting and riding engine expertise
  • Easy to change over
  • Live music
  • Colorful light-up catches
  • Wobbly-activity honey bee
  • Bat-at rollerball
  • Requires 2 AA batteries
  • Suitable for kids ages 6 to a year old.


  • Easy to gather
  • Bouncy situate
  • Help to figure out how to walk
  • Batteries included
  • Lightweight


  • No safety belts
  • Music Malfunction

This Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride and Ride Lion


This Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride and Ride Lion is an extraordinary method to support your little one. There are three different ways to play that develop your child: The Fisher-Price Sit, Stride and Ride Lion is the way to spend good times.

You can begin by utilizing the lion as a stationary recess amigo. It has heaps of occupied exercises for little hands to investigate. Numerous critical aptitudes are creating while the child’s having a great time. Strolling, pushing, hurrying and riding help create net engine aptitudes, equalization, and coordination.

You can show this sweet lion companion a good time and that is simple Just lower the seat for your baby to hurry along to all the more promising expressions and melodies. Give the child a chance to chime into the tunes. Flip the butterfly. Drive the lion along. The Stride and Ride Lion likewise advances ‘leg coordination’.

At the point when the seat is in a level position, it turns into a ‘bike’ and works entirely by the tyke’s leg control. In any case, what’s more, the seat will raise, and the joined back handle gives an advantageous pushing Walker to adjust, as the little child begins strolling.


  • In the walker mode, the infant will have an extensive wheelbase and huge handle
  • In the ride-on mode, the infant will have an extensive seat to sit
  • Three brilliant balls for nourishing time
  • Supportive seat and handlebar
  • Light-up sense about fun sounds
  • Lots of hands-on exercises
  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • Offers a few methods of play without the utilization of batteries.
  • Age go a half year – three years.


  • Versatile enough
  • Easy to assemble
  • Learn to walk
  • Good looking
  • Very durable
  • Battery included


  • Wheels may not turn dependably
  • Not for tall babies

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

Present the blend of fun, amusement, and learning in your child’s life. The Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker can give the baby perpetual satisfaction as well as bliss.

It’s alluring the utilization of brilliant hues, tone and songs to draw in your kid and give every one of the exercises he or she needs. There are 4 phases of play in the Shop ‘n Cook Walker: the cooktop turns into a stationary movement table as the truck legs secure, controllable cooktop for sit and play the game, the popcorn flies as kid drives the truck along and removable cooktop for the shopping basket. The Giggling Gourmet Walker will illuminate your youngster. Wipe clean with clammy fabric and mellow cleanser. Try not to drench in water.


  • Detachable cooktop
  • Activity table
  • Toddlers figuring out how to walk
  • Pushing it as a help while strolling
  • Sunny side up egg roller.
  • Shape sorter for put and take the good times
  • Babies of a couple of months old who are simply creeping on the floor.
  • Kids of a year age go and even more established children.


  • Sturdy plastic
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Easy to gather
  • Perfect estimate
  • Easy to push on covering floors
  • Hours of perpetual fun


  • Not adaptable on hardwood surfaces
  • Buttons may not tough
  • May rehash the English word in popcorn highlight.


14. Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker, Jubilee

Two in one walker is a new concept for the parents. Kolcraft Tiny Steps walker has got some amazing features to make it even more lucrative to the marketplace. Its specialty is it can be converted into being seated walker to a walk behind a walker.

This is one of the features where it is easy for the parents to buy this particular walker. This walker can be folded according to the size and parents can easily travel with it or store it anywhere.

Adjustable and washable seats are another catchy feature for the parents to buy this. When it comes to a baby product there is a second thought that babies are messy and they will make things really unorganized. If the walker is maneuver enough then the baby might get comfortable with the walker. But as related to entertainment factor this walker doesn’t have any sound system. This could quite a drawback for the company.


15. Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker – Mini Race Car

Delta Children has served the baby industry for over 45 years now. The main priority of this brand is to make affordable and quality products. Louis Shamie Sr. started this company when he was a parent. As promised this brand has some amazing features.

It has three adjustable height settings which will help to balance with your babies. As they will grow the walker will also get taller. You can fold the walker. While you are traveling or not using the walker if it is not folded then it will kill some extra space. In addition to that, it has a tray which can be used for food or playing. It is removable so it no chance of any fuss.

Another thing is that it can be moved around with its movable wheels. So babies are not stuck in a place and they get to move from one place to another. But there are some minor drawbacks to this brand. Though it has three different sizes for the kids the small one is actually a bit tall for six months’ babies. And for music and lights, it needs extra batteries which are not part of the actual package so sometimes it is an extra burden to buy.

Things to consider when buying the best baby walker

You must remember a few things before buying the best baby walker for your lovely baby

  1. Safety

The first and most important for your baby is safety. You must consider proper safety before buying a baby walker because usually, baby walker moves very fast and most cases that cause accident and collision to the other objects.

So in case of safety, You should Look for:

  • A Wide Base that will protect your baby from any kind of collision
  • Anti-slipping pads
  • A speed reducer to reduce speed  and stop them from going too fast

   2. Extra Amusement

Toys will keep your baby entertained when they stop for a rest. And by this, it will develop babies cognitive skill. The baby walker itself improve the babies motor skill as well.

  • Toy and musical attachments additional stimulation of your baby.
  • shapes and surfaces to contact and play with

   3. Adjustability and easy storage

As your baby grows rapidly, so invest your money in a baby walker so that your baby can enjoy the walker for several months. For carry and easy storage, your baby walker must be foldable.

  4. Quality materials

Buy such a walker that quality is best. To look for the best quality walker you must check

  • Seat cushion that is made of fabric.
  • Steel frames and sturdy plastic
  • sturdy and washable seat backs and other parts.

To check our another baby product best baby jumper  .

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