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Once upon a time parents used to think walkers are undoubtedly the best solution for an infant. But age is also an important deciding factor whether to use a baby walker or not. Now a baby walker is a modern device which can help to move an infant or toddler from one place to another. Some people are saying it is not wise to use a baby walker for your baby, on the other hand, some people are using a baby walker so often.

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Age of using a baby walker – Right Age For Using A Baby Walker

Baby walker is a device which will help the babies to walk when they are not at the age of walking. But it is suggested that a baby should be able to touch the ground and steadily heads up then it is perfect to use a baby walker.

According to the study the proper age for a baby to walk on Walker is 4-18 months. Now, this is not a rigid thing. Depends on the baby and other issues such as growth, weight, surroundings it is easy to take the decision. When your baby already knows how to walk then a baby walker should not be used for babies.

There is a massive discussion about the issues that should babies use baby walkers? Well to the conclusion it can be said that it is better if you don’t use a baby walker. Because you have the possibility to avoid an accident which could be dangerous. If you are also using baby jumper then you should read the Age of using a baby jumper.

Is it good or bad for babies to use a baby walker?

According to a lot of study results, it says “It is not safe to use a baby walker”. There is a myth that a baby walker will help your baby to learn how to walk. But the fact is it is really dangerous and can cause accidents. Experts say a baby should learn how to walk in an organic way. Artificial tools may hamper organs and it will not bring any good in a long run.

Baby walkers are not a good option because it gives speed, height, and weight to a baby which is not appropriate for their age. Injuries are quite unavoidable while a baby is using a baby walker. Surveys show that babies have a tendency to fall from the stairs because they have no control over the walker.

A baby learns in so many ways how to walk and most of them are in a natural way. Crawling, creeping or scooting, rolling on the floor, sitting, moving around objects or people.

Now the question is should we use a baby walker? To some extent, the answer might be yes! A lot of parents don’t have the time to take care of the always. In this case, they need a support from something so that the baby doesn’t face severe injuries. At the age of 4 months- 18 months is said the proper age for a baby to use a baby walker. When there is a walker-friendly home then it might be likely to safe using a baby walker. In addition to that, while sitting in a walker babies can play with toys and keep themselves busy.

Nonetheless, using a baby walker has so many opinions. Parents should not be totally dependent on such a tool. With necessary precautions, it is much easier to keep your baby safe.

Is your baby safe while using a Walker?

There are ongoing debates on this topic for a long time. But the study result shows babies have faced more bad things while it is supposed to be good things. From the parent’s point of view, it is the most significant moment for parents to take care of their baby. When a baby first walks it is the most precious moment for them.

Nobody would want their children to face obstacles with those moments. A four-month-old baby has no balance. Depending on a baby walker gives them extra speed as well as weight and pressure. It is not advisable for babies to deal with such force. Experts suggest a baby walker is not good for babies.

They highly encourage to stay away from baby walkers. Some countries have banned Baby Walkers; Canada is one of them. By using a baby walker allows a baby to get access to so many kinds of stuff which is not appropriate for the babies to touch. There is a misconception that when a baby is using a walker there is no need to keep an eye on the baby. But in reality, it is more of a risk. A person has to be aware all the time when a baby is using the baby walker.

So to answer the question it is clear that babies are not safe while using a walker! If you are not feeling safe using baby walker then you can use baby walker alternative like  :Baby jumper, Baby activity, baby Exersaucer.

Should you use a baby walker for your baby?

It is quite surprising that despite being so popular baby walker has lost all its charm. Health professionals are suggesting not to use a baby walker for the baby.

There was a time when baby walkers were at the top of parent’s list. But gradually this has fallen and it is quite dangerous to use a baby walker studies shows that. Chances of accident rates are high while on a baby walker. At some point, walkers may have an impact on a child’s mental as well as physical development.

Stuck in a small tool is also not a good thing for a baby. Despite all of those issues, some countries are still using a baby walker. So the hook point is that one has to be really careful while allowing the child to use a baby walker.

Advantage & Disadvantages of a Baby Walker

Advantage: Baby Walker

1) Reduce The Risk Of Falls

A baby walker can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries as a toddler begins to explore their environment. A child’s first stumbles with walking are often fraught with danger, for them and everything in arm’s reach! Toddlers’ lack of balance makes it difficult for young children that have just taken those big developmental steps towards independence – but what if there was something that helped?

2) Taking Care Of The Baby

Parents of little ones have a lot to juggle when they’re out and about with their kids. Between taking care of the baby, managing other children’s needs – including snacks! – and making sure that everyone is staying clean in public places where germs abound, it can be tough for parents to keep tabs on all aspects at once.

3)Save your time

A walker takes some strain off these responsibilities by freeing up your arms so you don’t need them constantly holding onto your tot or chasing after him as he darts across the room while also keeping both hands free for carrying food from one spot to another without dropping things everywhere like an uncoordinated disaster waiting to happen (who hasn’t been there)! You’ll still want someone nearby who can watch over everything

Disadvantages: Baby Walker

1) Lack Of Safety

Dangerous to use this product on stairs. Not good for crawlers or toddlers who are learning how to walk because it could lead them into an unsafe situation like catching the cord and running in circles, which can be cause of accidents such as falls from height.

2) Delay Babies Motor Development

A baby walker might also slow down a child’s natural development by creating obstacles that challenge their physical skills when they start walking without assistance at around one year old (i.e., crawling).

While there may not seem anything wrong with using these products during early infancy, research indicates otherwise: “The developmental consequences of prolonged confinement within wheeled devices have yet to receive much attention.”

Alternatives to Baby Walkers

If you’re looking for an alternative to baby walkers, take a look at these! There are many different types of products on the market today.

These include infant seats and power chairs; all designed specifically with your child in mind (and their development). For example: The Graco Pack ‘n’ Play 4-in 1 Sitter has four removable parts that convert into three play areas – it’s perfect if they like playing “house” or having friends over one day while parents work downstairs during solo mealtimes/bedtime hours

Some common questions of the parent about the baby walker

Q1: Are baby walkers bad for babies?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s not a good idea for babies less than one year old to use baby walkers. The devices could lead toddlers into hazardous situations or create falls from elevated surfaces that can result in serious injuries like head trauma and broken bones.

Some parents think they’re great because kids seem entertained by them but is this really what we want? Kids should be safe while exploring their environment so why would you introduce something that has such potential harm if used incorrectly?

Q2: Is walker good for 6 month old?

Many parents wonder if walkers are safe for a 6 month old. Walkers can be great in the early stages of walking, but once some children have mastered it, they should move to something else like standing on their own feet or scooting around with assistance from an adult. This is because as soon as your child masters one thing at that age and starts learning new things more quickly than other kids do then there’s no point in using them anymore!

Q3: Do baby walkers affect development?

Some people believe that baby walkers can help babies develop more quickly. Others say they may cause developmental delays in children and injury to them as well.

Q4: At what age do babies walk with walker?

The answer to this question varies depending on the baby. A lot of factors go into when and how babies first walk, such as their size, age, weight, or developmental milestones that they might have reached before attempting it for the first time.

At what point in a child’s development do you typically start using a walker? The answer to this question is going to depend largely on your opinion: some parents believe children are ready around 8-10 months old while others prefer waiting until 12 months old.

Q5: Are walkers bad for babies’ hips?

It is believed that walking can cause hip development to be stunted, but the evidence suggests this does not happen. In fact, babies who walk at an early age and have a lot of practice are more likely to develop strong hips than those who sit in their strollers all day long.

Q6: Are baby walkers bad for babies legs?

Babies walkers are often promoted to parents as a safer alternative for their babies who have difficulty walking. However, the U push type of baby Walker can actually cause serious leg weakness due to all of its weight being placed on one wheel at once and not balancing properly when in use by an infant-child who weighs less than twelve pounds.

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