Is Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Every Mom’s Favorite?


Is Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Every Mom’s Favorite?

Baby strollers are one of those most important purchases that you will make in your life as a parent. In my opinion, stroller super cedes the crib purchase even after having three children. I used my stroller more than the crib as all my babies ended up sleeping with us and we enjoyed every bit of the moment.

My children are 8, 6 and 18months. My eight year old loves spending time with his legs and my 6yr old loves pretend playing that she is Elsa, so I am happy that I cuddled with them, held them, rocked them to sleep every day. Today I am enjoying my eighteen-month-old to sleep knowing that this phase of my life is flying by and there is nothing I can do to stop it but enjoy and savor every minute of my life with my baby :-). I have used the stroller that I bought for my son for all three of my children.

I bought the Graco Stroller single and double and man is I thankful for Strollers! Gracco is built strong. I thought that it is going to break into pieces when we went to Italy and took a stroll in the forum. The Roman roads are rough but to my surprise the stroller held strong and I am using it for my eighteen months old almost every day.

One regret is that I don’t have a jogging stroller. Now that I have weened my baby ( yes I am a bit sad and at the same time I am screaming freedom as she is not attached to me 24/7. She enjoyed nursing and nursed to pacify as well and I let her) I can stop eating carbs and am actually focusing on losing my baby weight. I tried running with my Graco Stroller but I realized its hard.

So I am on the hunt for a jogging stroller as I do not have 2 hrs each day to go to the gym (that includes my travel time). so I have been hitting the park almost every day after homeschooling my kiddos and running playing and jogging. If you are not looking for jogging stroller hands down buy a GRACO stroller, they are so sturdy and man they can withstand some abuse  Just saying. The picture below shows the different options. Hope this helps. If you would like to read some reviews about this stroller Click Here, it will take you to Amazon which is where I buy most of my stuff

Now that I am looking for a jogging stroller came across the baby center blog that had really good reviews about Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. So I decided to head on over to Amazon like any online shopper would do to see if the reviews say that same.

I really liked the reviews I read so I am just going to state some of the cons and pros that stood out and I will link to the baby jogger stroller page on Amazon where you can do your own research.


  1. Stylish
  2. Sturdy
  3. lightweight
  4. easy to operate with one hand
  5. Durable


  1. The velcro in the peek-a-boo window is noisy and is prone to wake up a sleeping baby if your baby is a light sleeper.
  2. the opening to the storage under the seat may be small.
  3. Safety harness belt is hard to thread.

These are the main ones that stood out, but below is the link that you click to read more reviews and do some research on your own.

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