Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review


Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Discovery Jumper provides your baby with an ocean of activities. If you are smart parents and looking for a newly designed best baby jumper, then Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper is the perfect option for you. “Baby Einstein” company has newly designed this bouncer for your youngster with a full of fun and entertainment that will keep your little one busy during a playing time. Therefore, I am going to write a Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review for you.

I am sure, now you are thinking that how will I identify this Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper is the good product? Am I right? If yes you can read my another parent guide post on how to choose the best baby jumper. If your thinking is not matched with my thinking, also you can read this post to get the better idea.

Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper review
Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review
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Tips for new parents

Almost all parent knows that what should do for their young children. But if you are a new parent then you may discuss with your mother and father; also can talk with experienced parents. I will suggest, kindly provide a baby activity center to your sweet one for developing their brain and leg muscles.

There are thousands of baby bouncer present in the market and it is difficult to choose the desirable product with an affordable price. Read my “Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review” now, it will help to select this product for your little one.

Age limit and whose baby should use this:

Before buying this Einstein Neptune Jumper you must know the Baby Age limit and whose baby should use this

  • Age limit: Can sit up or hold his/her head without any assistance but best age for use this above 4 months old baby. Maximum Age is 12 Months.
  • Hight: Not above than 30” tall (76.2 cm)
  • Weight: Not more than 25 lbs. (11 kg)

Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review

If you are a smart buyer, please don’t forget to read a product review before doing a purchase that product. A lot of product review websites are present on the internet as like my one.

In the next section, you will come up with a details review of the product ‘Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper’. If you are still confused that what is good for your child, then the following statement will give you a thorough idea.

I will discuss the following points:

  1. 360-degree comfortable seat rotation
  2. Numbers and colors discover option
  3. Exciting electronic toys
  4. Space saving jumper
  5. Easily height adjustment
  6. Machine washable seat pad

=> Now read the details about this baby product

Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review
Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper
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I. 360-degree comfortable seat rotation

It is my pleasure to inform you that Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper come with a 360-degree seat rotation system. The comfortable padded seat is flexible and it can rotate exactly at a 360-degree angle that will help your child to get the full attention for his/her all toys.

II. Numbers and colors discover option

It is a very special feature of this bouncer is language exploration system. Yes, your baby can discover number and color in three languages, namely English, Spanish and French.

III. Exciting electronic toys

Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper included a lot of exciting electronics toys. It comes up with full of entertainment for your baby with lights, sounds, music and more! Additionally, it has crab spinner ball, octopus paddle, and starfish with self-discovery mirror system. Also, there have a link loops option that allow you to add more toys to keep your baby’s playtime fresh and engaging.

IV. Space saving jumper

This baby activity center is designed with ocean-themed toys that keep little hands busy and exploring. This bouncer is also known as a space saving product. So, if you have no enough room space you can easily select this space-saving footprint without any hesitation.

V. Easy height adjustment option

Due to new design system, you can get four height positions that keep it just the right size for a baby. Your baby is growing up in every moment. And to make your task easier this new technology makes for the easiest height adjustments system! As a result, you no need to purchase a new one after a year.

VI. Machine washable seat pad

An ocean of activities of space saving design have another important feature is removable and machine washable seat pad system. And also have a built-in storage tray. Therefore you no need to worry about washing the jumper seat.

VIII. Buoyantly Bouncy Chair:

With the help of Buoyantly Bouncy Chair baby can jump, dance and strengthen his/her little legs from the jumper seat which help baby greatly improving their leg muscles.

Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review
  • Design
  • Appearance
  • Features
  • Materials
  • Price


(1) 360-degree seat rotates system with a height adjustability feature. So you can adjust the height according to your kid’s height.

(2) There have a lot of toys and it is really engaging. All the toys are really nice to look even to play.

(3) Lightweight that helps to move around the room.

(4) It is a space saving jumper and additionally has a machine washable seat pad.

(5) There are a user manual and instruction to use it properly and safely.


(1) There has a flimsy cloth for a backrest, but it is just a little bit joke. Becuase it doesn’t provide any support.

(2) This baby jumper is not foldable for a short-term storage. It will be great if they added this special feature.


  • Weight: 14.75 pounds
  • Dimensions : 32 x 32 x 33.1 inches
  • Batteries needed: Yes, 3 AA batteries required.
  • User manual: Yes

A very common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Question: Is this product foldable for storage?

Answer: No, absolutely not. If you try to fold this item,  the 3 ‘legs’ break down easily.

Question: Is there have a  baby size or minimum weight limit for this?

Answer: No, there has no minimum weight limit. Also, you can use this product if your baby can hold his/her head without any assistance.

Question: Have any control of light and music turn on-off or it automatic?

Answer: Yes, there has a volume system to turn on or off the music and also for light.

Question: Is the baby jumper good for big babies?

Answer: Definitely it is a great product also for big baby.

Final Word

If you want to make your baby busy then Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper would be the great option for you. Your child definitely will love to use this activity center. Since this baby jumper has the 360-degree rotation system, so your baby will engage his/her with full of activities.

Every parent wants to provide a clean environment for their lovely baby. Seems like other best kids bouncer they included a machine washable seat pad. So, easily you can ensure a clean environment for your little one.

Finally, it is not only a good for physical activities, also you can consider for learning product.

In conclusion, while publishing this Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Review, we found this one the best option for you due to some great feature. Go for this, it will not make you unhappy! Happy shopping 🙂

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