Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Review



  • Sound Quality: 8.5/10
  • Range: 820 ft


  • Detects Slightest Movements with Sensor Pad
  • Indicator “Tics” When Detecting Movement
  • Battery Option with Power Failure Backup
  • Operates on eight channels to reduce interference
  • Convenient features include temperature display, sound indicator lights, night light on nursery unit
  • 1 year warranty
Our Verdict:Very Strong Buy

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A little over eight months ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Now that my little girl is over 8 months old, my fear of SIDS isn’t as high but it’s still there. I am a first time mother and even during my pregnancy, I had the same worries all mothers have. I asked for the Angelcare monitor on my registry for my baby shower and had researched different monitor systems. I think I may have over prepared but that can’t be a bad thing when you’re a mom! I’m not sure that there is a better monitor out there on the market. The Angelcare monitor gives me peace of mind and I specifically love the ability to detect when my baby is moving and breathing. These monitors allow you to hear your baby and see your baby, but not all other monitors allow you to actually know that your baby is actively breathing and moving! That’s my favorite feature of these monitors.

Up until recently my child slept near me in her bassinet or in her Pack-N-Play right by my bed. Having her so close to me eased my worries early on but I still get up at night to check on her. After she grew closer to six months old I knew that I needed to start working on getting her to sleep in her own bed, in her own room. As hard as it was, I began the transition and used the Angelcare monitor system. SIDS has always given me terrible worry, so I still check on my little girl and make sure that everything is fine. I just don’t feel the need to do it so often and that’s a great help. Recently my daughter started sleeping through the night. I keep the sensor pad underneath her bedding, the babies monitor right by her crib and the parents moniter right near my bed. It’s a relief to wake up and look right at the monitor to know what is going on in her room. I know if she is awake, asleep, breathing just fine, moving around and even more. I love that and it has helped tremendously. I started finally being able to sleep at night after my daughter began sleeping through the night (for the most part!).

I can’t thank the people who made the Angelcare monitor sets enough. This has truly helped my whole little family to have easier days and nights. I recommend this to any moms, whether you are a soon-to-be first mother or you just had another child. Thanks for making the perfect monitor for our lives!

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